Reporting for Duty

Dateline: 2019.07.01

Greetings pilots, and welcome to the CVS Prometheus II, the latest and finest aircraft carrier in the UEG’s arsenal. You were chosen from among your peers because you are considered some of the best pilots the RDF has to offer. Along with the SLV Daedalus II, the Prometheus forms the backbone of the SDF-1’s defensive sphere, and as Veritceh pilots, you represent the cutting edge of the sickle that is the Robotech Defense Force. Welcome aboard!

Three days from now is the official unveiling of the UEG’s crown jewel, the SDF-1. I know many of you have already been aboard her, but no civilians outside of the Macross security bubble have seen more than a glimpse of her, so this will be her time to shine. Our civilians want to know how their tax dollars have been spent, and we’re going to give them a show they’ll never forget!

Two days after the unveiling is the christening where dignitaries from all parts of the globe will come to see

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Robotech: From Macross to Invid Invasion